Brocken Specter at the Exploradores Glacier – Chilean Patagonia


Here’s an interesting image taken at the Exploradores Glacier on our recent Patagonia Autumn Photo Safari this past April.  The phenomenon is called a “Brocken Specter” and is produced when the sun is directly behind the observer and their shadow is cast upon a bank of fog or clouds.  You have likely seen this or what’s called a “Glory” when you are flying and the shadow of the airplane is cast on the clouds below. When we first got here, our view of the the Exploradores Glacier and Cerro San Valentine (Patagonia’s highest summit) was obscured by the morning fog but, fortunately it gradually burned off exposing the scene and then, unexpectedly we were greeted by this unusual and amazing phenomenon. There was a lot of scrambling going on with everyone trying to find the best way to capture it.  I didn’t have a wide angle lens quite wide enough to fit it all in so, this image was made by stitching 2 separate images together.  For more info on this phenomenon:


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