Condors in Patagonia!

Condor_zoomed (7)This is a shot of Alejandro Galilea the owner the estancia where we go to shoot Andean Condors (Vultur gryphus). Alejandro goes by the name of Jano and I call him the Condor whisperer. He grew up on this ranch and seems to be able to attract the Condors in. It’s certain they all know him well and understand he poses no threat. On this particular day these massive birds put on a beautiful aerial show for us but, with overcast skies and low light, it was tough to get many good sharp images. However, I did manage to nail a couple shots. Condor_zoomed (2) What’s really cool about this shot is that I was fortunate enough to capture some good detail as you can see in this zoomed in shot of the bird’s face. Amazing creatures! Condor_zoomed (2)


Cerro San Valentin, Patagonia

San_Valentin Welcome to the inaugural posting for this blog dedicated to covering all of what’s going on with It’s been a great year and all our tour participants and myself have come back with some truly spectacular imagery of Patagonia. This first image to kick things off is an HDR of Patagonia’s highest summit, Cerro San Valentin (13,314 ft.) taken on our most recent photo safari in April of 2013.